How to write an article for a magazine.

There are quite a lot of details one must consider in writing for a magazine. Article writing is a professional task and must be taken quite seriously.

You are not the only writer.

The first thing you should note for a fact is that you’re not exactly the best writer out there, no matter how good you are. Perhaps you have written very impressive articles before, you can, and should still improve. Writing today has become a basic skill that almost anyone can lay claim to. However, in magazine article writing, you aren’t writing for your own entertainment, neither can you give yourself the accolades. So, firstly, your article must fit the demands of your client, which is the magazine you’re writing for.

What would you write? Create a guideline.

Knowing that a magazine article isn’t just a tweet or a personal post, the first thing to do before starting out, is knowing what exactly to write, even from the first sentence. This seems pretty basic, right? But many writers tend to begin their writing somewhat overconfidently and soon run dry in the middle. To avoid this, you should create an outline of whatever topic you would be writing on.

Carry out a research. Take note of trends.

Perhaps you’re stuck as to what topic can pique the interest of readers, which is what every magazine aims for. In writing a magazine article, you should get an idea for an intriguing topic. You can do this by making research and findings on various trends or popular opinions. In these days of social media, this comes pretty easy when you observe trending hashtags. A trend has a better chance of catching the attention of readers.

What type of magazine are you writing for?

Although a lot of your attention goes to your readers needs, don’t forget that you’re writing for a magazine. It would be unadvisable to veer off into something unconnected with the genre of the magazine. Obviously, it would be really absurd to write an article of a trending Kardashian story in a sports magazine, no matter how interesting that story is.

Avoid digressing. Stick to facts.

Truly, your article should be on something which also interests you as the writer. However, you should try to avoid digressing into unnecessary details. Remember that it is an article, not your novel where you can explore every thought.

Note the specified article length

It is important to stick to the specified  number of words. Knowing that the word count must not exceed the space allotted, you should stick to the details and provide verifiable facts and evidence for every claim.

Good grammar can never be overemphasized

In addition, as obvious as this might sound, as a magazine article writer, you need to pay close attention to good grammar and cohesive, well-structured sentences. Look out for spelling errors, punctuation errors and any incoherence that would annoy your editor.

Embrace the process

In any case, note that you shouldn’t take offense in negative comments and criticisms from your editor. They will serve to build you and improve you as you write more articles. Finally, beyond researching and searching for tips for better article writing, keep writing consistently, because the more you write, the more you improve as a professional.

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