How to remove Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the major versions of the operating system – Linux which comes with the computer as a whole and this software should not be disrupted to avoid deleting the operating system. In order to remove Ubuntu from the computer system, there are specific steps to be followed so as to prevent the system breakdown.

The only way to remove Ubuntu, being an operating system is if it becomes corrupted or there is a new update of the file. Nevertheless, you should not try to remove this operating system anyhow as it can cause the system’s breakdown.

These are the steps involved in the removal of the Ubuntu operating system:

The booting system or operation of the computer system usually determines the process through which the Ubuntu operating system can be removed. Therefore, a single booting system will vary from a dual-booting system in terms of removal.

The removal of Ubuntu for a single-booting system is as follows:

  • Read the Ubuntu disk on your computer system and insert the partitioning regulating manager. A page will be displayed on your computer screen, and you should follow these steps to be able to remove the Ubuntu partition.
  • After this, you should make use of the installation packaging of Ubuntu, and you should enter the gnome partition manager. When you do this, a page will pop-up, and you should select the “Don’t touch keymap” that will be displayed on the configuring console data screen.
  • A page will be displayed after selecting this action, choose a language you want and press “enter.”
  • The last step involves the highlight of the partition you want to delete, and you should click on the trash can icon that is displayed at the top left corner. There will be a pop-up window displayed; here you will be able to confirm the delete task.

The removal of Ubuntu for a dual-booting system are as follows:

  • The first step is to back up all of the files that you may need before deleting the files as files deleted will be lost entirely on the operating systems.
  • Put off your computer system and reboot the computer system and enter the BIOS. Carry out the proper configuration of your order and make use of the window operating system of your choice.
  • Put in your computer and make use of the “boot from CD” key to allow it to run. A page will be displayed after running for a while, let the files load, select your language, date and time format on the new page.
  • After this, you will have to choose the Windows system partition and “Repair.”
  • A system recovery box will be displayed, select “Command prompt.”
  • Type the command “Bootrec.exe /FixMBR” and press enter. The command will help to repair the MBR and remove GRUB booting.
  • A new page will be displayed, follow the instructions and the Ubuntu will be removed permanently.

Make sure you follow the steps to make sure that the operating system is Robert from your computer system.

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