How to propose to a girl

The moment you decide to pop the big question to the love of your life is indeed a big, special moment. More so, due to what it seen all over social media, one notices several stories and accounts of how the moment interestingly occurs for many couples. Some quite conventional, and others quite unique. For most women, there is a longing desire for this special moment, and for most men, there is some bit of nervousness in thinking if what’s to pull it off.

Keep it simple and real.

You must know, first of all, that there doesn’t have to be a fixed way or method in proposing to your girl. There is really no hard-and-fast rule to it. It can be done simply, expressing the state of your heart and your future intentions. However, it does require some preparation that should be taken note of.

Calm your nerves.

Actually, it is only natural to feel some bit of nervousness and apprehension when you want to make a proposal. However, if unchecked, this might make you lose your wits on how to aptly communicate your intentions to your woman.

Be sure you are both prepared.

It is important that you are certain that the time is right for both of you. Ensure that you both have been seriously considering settling down. This is to avoid a heartbreaking rejection that would ruin your relationship. Take your time also to think about what a lifelong commitment would mean for you. As soon as you’re convinced, then give it a shot!

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Be sensitive to her preferences.

Furthermore, you need to already be aware of your woman’s preferences. Perhaps she is a very private person, and cringes at the thought of anything dramatic. Or she could be a practical person who doesn’t like overly sappy displays. In that case, making a public show of your proposal might not be a good idea. Or maybe she loves drama and surprises, then you need to be creative enough to give her that moment

Step up your romance a notch

Most women secretly anticipate a memorable proposal, as well as a thoughtful, romantic profession of love. Thus, you should consider picking a special location and day, even as you try to catch her unawares with the big question. Also, endeavour to make your words and actions both sincere and convincing. Express the depth of your feelings and make the moment personal for both of you.

Make it personal

If your proposal is made public and creative, maybe amongst family, friends or even strangers, find a way to still get some time alone where you can talk about your intentions.

The Ring!

Of course, the ring is such a vital part of proposing to your girl. Ensure you get a beautiful ring that is both unique and to her taste. It doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive, but it should really be of good quality.

So, whether you decide to go on bended knee, as is conventionally done, or do something unexpected like a staged circumstance, try as much as possible to create an unforgettable memory that is real and irresistible, and also romantic and fun.

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