How to open, edit and convert an ADOC file.

What’s it about?

It is possible that your computer indicates a disability to open some file types, such as an ADOC file. This is because there are different programs that are suited for opening different files, such as the ADOC file. For such a file, it requires a special software in order to open it, or better still convert it to a more recognizable format.

How to open

Basically, an ADOC file is a text document, just like the usual PDFs and EPUB files. It contains normal text, but also includes specialized syntax such as colons and square brackets, amongst others.  To read through and edit an AsciiDoc file, at is advisable you make use of the AsciiDoc preview extension for Google Chrome. Seeing that you’re using a specialized format, it is obvious that you need to be careful in knowing the details of how to work through it.

How to edit

Also, you can edit AsciiDoc files directly on GitHub by making use of the editor from the web itself. This can be done by clicking the pencil icon found on the page, then editing what is required and finally clicking the “Commit changes” icon.

Another text editor that can be used for ADOC files is the eclipse plugin. It has the advantage of a fast HTML preview and it can even use different preview modes. Although this already comes with its own AsciiDoc, it can have another preferable version installed.

How to convert

To convert an ADOC file to a PDF or EPUB or even HTML format, there is a need for the text processor knows as Asciidoctor. Knowing that an ADOC file is used to document information on softwares, it is important for users to know how to open, edit and convert such files for their usage.

It’s not that complicated

Actually, many people are familiar with the usual extensions of “.doc” and “.docx”,  just so, the ADOC files are saved with the.adoc extension. Ordinarily, the way to open an ADOC file isn’t complicated. In fact it can be opened with basic programs like Windows, Linux, Mac, or any text editor for that matter. Using AsciiDoc helps to maintain content in a structured and portable manner.

You need to install the AsciiDoc PDF in order to convert ADOC files to PDF. This is the customized software designed by Asciidoctor required for this purpose.  You get to convert directly from Asciidoc to PDF without going through intermediate formats at all.

Note that it is any text editor software, and not a word processor that is used in opening an ADOC file. They can be easily mistaken for other file formats and vice versa, which is why people have difficulty in opening these format. Using a word processor like MSWord is not even advisable at all, because it will be really strenuous to convert to the needed format. Also, when selecting the text editor to use, it would be advisable to use one that allows for highlighting of the syntax in the AsciiDoc file.

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