How to Disable RundII32

Most times, people tend to believe that most of the problem they are having is as a result of the RundII32 file present on their computer. However, it is important to note that the RundII32 file should not be disabled for no reason as this can cause malfunctioning of the computer system.

Most files or malware that slows down the computer system (taking up the name RundII32) are generally the causes,  and these are the things that need to be disabled not the original RundII32 file. A unique characteristic of the RundII3, an essential part of the Operating system, is that it has a specific location where it is stored in the computer system so you can always run a search on our computer system to know the original file and malware present on your system.

To disable this malware from your computer system and allow it to function correctly, you should follow the following steps:

  • Use the Antivirus program: this is usually to fight against different types of malfunctioning of the system. You should run this program on your system, reboot it and check if it can help to fight against these malware present on your system.
  • You should check if there are still errors on your computer system, if the system runs well that means it has been disable, but if it persists, you should counter it manually.
  • Pick out the correct RundII3file: the valid RundII32 file is usually located at the C:\Windows\System32\rundII32.exe on your computer system. So, check out this location by typing “RundII32” in the search toolbox, look for the result under this location and make sure that the original file is intact.
  • Copy the file of the valid RundII32 and create a new folder for the file on your desktop and name it with another name such as “RundII32Copy” and save it.
  • All other results of the RundII32 search (since this malware takes the similar name with the original file) should be deleted, and you should also empty your systems recycle bin to avoid it from crawling back again. Avoid moving the data in the C:\Windows\System32\rundII32.exe location on the computer.
  • Reboot your system and check if it functions properly. The rebooting will help to restart again, and it will also help to update all operating activities and operation of the system

Malware usually takes the name of original files, although their files are small they are significant to the proper functioning of the operating system so you should always avoid deleting the original file by mistake as this can affect the general operation of the computer.

The above-mentioned steps should¬† be followed to letter so as to allow for the easy and efficient disabling of the RundII32 malware or “unwanted” programs on the computer system.

The RundII32 appears as “rundII32.exe” on the computer system, as well as the malware, so it is important that you look for the one with the original location and eradicate those that disrupt the proper functioning of the system.

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