How to calculate BHCA

If you own a communication company or your company is connected with one, you may want to know how much traffic you should generate. The traffic generated can be calculated by considering the BHCA which is the number of call attempts made by its users during the busy hours of the week, month or year.

There are some things that you should consider whenever you want to calculate the BHCA; you must find the number of calls made during these hours, number of times each subscriber attempts to make a call and lots more.

Here are the steps you should follow whenever you want to calculate the BHCA (busy hours call attempts) :

  • You should find the product of the users monthly minute of usage and percentage of traffic that occurs during working hours. An example of this is when a user calls for about 1000 minutes and such a person made about 60 percent of the calls during working hours.

Therefore, the product of these are to be found, that is, 1000 times 60% equals 600.

  • Find the product of the percentage of voice traffic during the busy hours and the answer you derived from the previous step.

That is, you multiply 600 times the percentage of calls (let’s consider 20% of calls occurring during busy hours), i.e., 600 times 20% equals 120.

  • The next step is to find the ratio of the answer above to the number of working days per month. Let’s consider the number of working days in each month as 20; therefore, the ratio will equal to 120 / 20 which equals 6.
  • The next thing to do is to look for your answer in erlangs – this is the unit which measures the hours of usage per subscriber per busy hours – and this is a primary measurement method. The solution is achieved by dividing the answer above by 60.

Therefore, the answer as represented as erlangs equals 6 / 60 which equals 0.1.

  • Find the product of the answer in erlangs and 3600. Therefore, the answer equals 0.1 times 3600 which equals 360.
  • The last step which is the end of the calculation is to divide the answer above (360) by the mean holding time. Let’s consider that the average holding time is 90 seconds.

Therefore, the final answer will be 360 / 90 which equals 4.

Therefore, the Busy hours call attempts if the subscriber, therefore, equals 4. It should be noted that the BHCA is an essential factor which determines the amount of traffic generated by the communication company system.

The higher the BHCA calculated for a subscriber is directly proportional to the strain that is placed on the network processors.

When you are calculating the BHCA, you should make sure that you have the exact value and percentages for your calculation. However, the working hours of months are usually irregular, and this must be considered when dealing which it month and the average should be determined at all time.

Also, some standard values should not be changed for no reason.


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